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We, the application security community, have been “pushing left” for several years. The idea behind pushing left is to have application security experts and activities more tightly integrated within the software development process. By integrating security activities throughout the development process, organizations have greater capabilities to minimize the risk of introducing security vulnerabilities into software. Organizations have realized the value of adopting such security integration strategies. This realization has forced a critical turning point within the application security community.

Security specialists are now expected to work closely extremely talented software architects and developers in an attempt to design, implement, and integrate software security solutions. Unfortunately for the security community, this relationship is failing. Most application security specialists do not have the real world development experience required to effectively “push left”. Organizations are encouraged to expect more out of their application security experts. Talk to your developers! Ask them, “are you getting actionable guidance from our security team?” You may be surprised at their response.



We are one such organization capable of bridging the gap between traditional application security experts and modern developers. Infrared Security is a consulting firm focused on providing developers the guidance, resources, automation, and services to produce more secure code. With our diverse and mature set of experiences, Infrared Security is capable of working closely with developers to identify, design, implement, and integrate required application security controls mitigating the most significant risks to the business. Our staff is composed of a rare breed of application security experts with real world development experience. This unique combination of experience enables us to help your developers identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in a way that actually makes sense! Start eliminating security vulnerabilities at the source. Put your applications through Infrared today!